A New Kind of Justice

A New Kind of Justice for Williamson County

KT with the Round Rock water tower in the background

Justice of the Peace Courts or JP Courts are the people’s courts – so called because for most folks they will be their first and only interaction with the justice system. Many people who come before them don’t have a lawyer and instead represent themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially since over 90 percent of JPs in Texas are not lawyers either.

However, we must ensure that our courts are innovative, modern, and using the latest technology and best practices to make both court and clerk functions easier and more efficient. We also need to ensure that our courts are equitable and fair, especially when working with our more vulnerable community members. In addition, like any other elected official, a JP is a public servant who must be accessible and engaging.

Innovative & Modern

  • Collaborate with other JPs to evaluate the cost effectiveness of a full-time medical examiner for Williamson County
  • Improve efficiency by digitalizing records and increasing paperless clerk functions and courtroom
  • Implement tech upgrades such as docket monitors, self-serve kiosks, and digital documents and receipts

Equitable & Fair

  • Work with school and community groups to break cycles of abuse and neglect and end the school to prison pipeline
  • Shift to a trauma-informed court to ensure we are meeting needs of vulnerable populations
  • Ensure that court fees and fines are waived for indigent defendants as mandated by law

Accessible & Engaging

  • Solicit public feedback to gauge needs for alternative hours of operation and increased support
  • Institute online dispute resolution
  • Develop community education program covering JP role and services offered